Monday, 27 September, 2021
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Custom Made Jewellery FAQ’s

How do I know what looks good on me?

I have that covered - please see my Finding Your Style page

How do I contact you?

You can call (204-229-3035) or email (

Do you have a retail store?

Not anymore. I'm no longer associated with Gem Trading or Universal Gems. I have a private studio.

I have some diamonds and gemstones from an existing piece of jewellery which I wanted to incorporate into my ring. Can I use them?

Absolutely. Re-Styling your existing jewellery is a fun and rewarding experience. Check out our Before and After Page to see how transformed unwanted jewellery into a new and much loved piece.

I have a picture of a ring I like. If I email it to you, can you make it for me?

We may not reproduce it exactly but we will come as close as possible to the original photo.

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